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I didn’t know you, once.

I didn’t know you, once.
I didn’t know you at all.
I was elastic
a hot fuse
the tick, tick, tick
of atomic danger, allowing
a lingering breath before

I first heard your name, once.
I heard it in laughter.
It brought a smile
a singing king
of a melody, rise and fall
a whispered enticement

I first met you, once.
I met you in winter.
You were radiant
I was nerves,
a frozen ozone
encapsulating boundaries
which falter at your feet,

I first learned you, once.
I learned your ways.
I traced the imprints
others left, scars
engraved and eroded,
plucking a dream catcher’s web
to reverberate beaded memories,

I first loved you, once.
I fell in the summer’s eve.
The sweet moon passed
over sycamores,
limbs and leaves, bulbous
veins zinging with unity,

I didn’t know you, once.
I didn’t know you at all.


Apologies once more for my inability to post regularly, life seems to be in the way at the moment ha…
Haven’t written poetry for a while, let me know what you think 🙂
Image is my own.


Shine On Award

Today’s blog is giving thanks where thanks is due. The other day I logged on to find that, despite my terrible consistency with this blog, I had been nominated for a Shine On Award! This came as quite a surprise and could be the kick up the rear I need to get back into regular writing…although it has taken me a long time to even complete this post x]

The nomination is a great thing because it acknowledges the effort bloggers put into their work, a pat on the back of encouragement and a sincere ‘Well Done’ – something we should all offer each other more often, though often bypass. In a world where we are quick to complain when something goes wrong, this award serves as a nice reminder that we should also show appreciation for when things go right!

The following guidelines are in place for passing along this award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.*

Simple enough, so here’s mine!


First of all, a huge thank you to Ellie over at elspod, who nominated me for the award. She is an absolutely fantastic writer, who excels in the stricter compositions of fiction and poetry as beautifully as her more free, observational personal blog posts. A peruse through her blog allows you a glimpse into her life, from the highs and lows of relationships to ponderings over dreams and facts of life. Ellie is also a consistent blogger, instilling a little guilt in me each time a newly crafted piece is posted for not providing my followers with as much content 😛 Aside from her writing abilities, she is also a great friend of mine. When I turned up to an early lecture last September, hung over and acting like a bear with a sore head, poor Ellie endured my grumbles and stand-offishness for the full hour – and still wanted to talk to me some days later. That’s the way Ellie is – always seeing the good in others, never judging without good reason, and she always puts others first. We have since become very close friends, guiding each other through our Creative Writing degree, friendships, relationships, families, all sorts. We’ve laughed and partied and chilled and cried and grumbled and smiled and advised. It feels we’ve known each other for life. If you do one thing today, browse her blog, show a little love with a like or comment, follow if you like. She’s a beautiful person 🙂

Ok, enough singing Ellie’s praises for now, time for the 7 things about me. I don’t really know if I have that many things that are interesting enough, ha…

irish dance shoes

1. I used to Irish dance. My family have Irish roots, with quite a few members of my family taking up the dance. I never competed, preferring to dance for a hobby instead. One thing I disliked about it was the culture in recent years that encourages glitz and glamour, with an almost beauty-pageant feel to the outfits. I admire the old dance dresses with intricate, hand stitched Celtic embroidery far more than the sequins and wigs. In some ways I wish I never quit, as it is great for fitness and the complexity of the steps as you progress allow a feeling of achievement when you master them. However, I don’t think I will ever return, instead just cracking the steps out on St Paddy’s Day parties and convincing my drunken self I can still do them right 😉

2. I have a large, complicated family tree, with three brothers and three sisters. There is a large age range between us, meaning I also have four nephews and a niece who are all gorgeous kids. Family is very important to me, and I’m lucky to be close to both sides of the family.

3. I am never 100% satisfied with something I produce, whether it’s a written piece, photography, drawing, my grades, whatever. In some ways it’s good, because constantly striving to improve can only be a positive thing, but it would be nice to feel satisfied every once in a while.

4. I have no idea what I truly want to do in life. Writing is a passion and something that pays off for me in terms of my grades and feedback, and I would hope to be in that small percentage of people who can support themselves with their writing alone. I toy with the ideas of journalism or publishing and other such careers, and I have a series of ‘if-all-else-fails’ options, but I’m yet to find anything that truly captures my attention and motivation enough. I want to be one of those people who lives to work rather than works to live, like most people I want to be in a job I truly adore. I just don’t know what that is yet…

5. I seem to be proving quite a good judge of character. Often when meeting someone and I have a gut-feeling, I am proven right – if I feel uneasy the person usually ends up being a liar or something, at other times I feel ‘there’s more to see to you’ and then they come out of their shell into a fantastic person. Of course I’m not right every time, but I feel it’s a useful knack to have 😀


6. I reallyreallyreally want to travel, though not necessarily the whole world or the ‘usual’ places. My main goal is to visit South America, and I want to see more than the tourist locations – I want to see the real lives of people there. I would also like to visit New Zealand, the Caribbean, some African countries, more of the US (I’ve been to Florida but nowhere else), and more of Europe – particularly Italy, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Czech Republic and more regions of Spain. There’s a lot I want to see haha.

7. I wish I had a great natural talent, such as a beautiful singing voice or amazing ability to dance, be able to play an instrument fantastically or some other great talent. I envy those who can captivate an audience with a movement or sound, especially those who can do it with little learning – the un-choreographed dance or unrehearsed song, the impromptu band jamming together.

Phew, enough of me. That’s harder than it seems…now, to pass my own nominations on, in no particular order 😀

readful things blog – this blog is great for literary minds, offering reviews, discussion and advise to readers and writers alike. Ionia injects her personality into each post, and I can lose hours browsing the posts by her and guest writers. Through her choices in posts to reblog, I have discovered many other interesting blogs too 🙂

Eleventh Stack – this group of Librarians in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offer a great blog showcasing what they have at their fingertips, ranging a variety of topics linked by relevant books, films etc. They have a wealth of knowledge between them and deserved to be Freshly Pressed, and always have something different for their followers

Renard Moreau Presents – Ok this blog has asked for ‘No awards’ and so this nomination is not required to pass it along. Normally I would respect such a request but I had to share this great blog nonetheless (I hope you don’t mind!) as it was one of the first I had followed on WordPress and is still a favourite of mine. The tagline ‘Cool Miscellaneous Thoughts’ certainly sums this blog up well, with such variety of posts that frequently entertain. My favourite part of this blog is Renard’s ‘Just Pondering’ pieces, as they are often short but sweet, throwing up questions that leave me turning possible answers and points of view over in my mind. Definitely worth a look 🙂

101books – this guy has embarked on a pretty awesome task and built his blog around it – reading his way through the Time Magazine’s ‘Top 100 English-Speaking Novels since 1923’ list (with the addition of Ulysses), reviewing each as he goes. His reviews are honest and straight forward, no high-brow literary snobbery like the usual critics but a genuine guy with a rich perspective applied to wonderful books. I’m somewhat ashamed at how few on this list I have read, but this blog inspires me to pick up my own copies of these books 🙂

Leanne Cole Photography – Aside from my usual writing/book related blogs, I also follow a number of photography blogs. I enjoy this blog immensely, as the images are diverse, well executed and I enjoy seeing her experiments. A talented photographer who I’m glad to have stumbled across.

Bucket List Publications – This blog encompasses my number 6 on my ‘about me’, following the adventures of Lesley Carter as she travels around the world exploring one step at  a time, scratching each goal off her list. I envy her ability to fulfil these desires, and can only hope that some day I can be in a position to fulfil my own. In the meantime, we get front row seats to her vibrant journey.

Sethsnap – another photographer’s blog that I enjoy, who fuses his art with creative writing. One of my favourite features is the way this blog engages  followers with ‘Your Story’ in which you are given a photo as a prompt and encouraged to use it as a creative starting point – whether you are a writer or not. Although I have only attempted once, I often browse other people’s contributions, as well as the wide variety of interesting other pictures. Pay him a visit and maybe add your own story 😉

KateSpanish – this blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog, inspiring me to search a little harder for affordable clothes and take more care over appearance, for Kate always looks lovely in her outfits and it’s not all Prada and Chanel like some. She always has some cute finds, and I also enjoy reading her personal posts including those about her wedding planning and DIY projects. Overall a lovely blog that I enjoy having on my dash 🙂

Thoughts Appear – ‘Thoughtsy’ invites followers into her world of Pop Tarts and cupcakes, creating a blog who’s posts are wonderfully unpredictable. She manages to sprinkle a layer of humour and amusement over every post, even when addressing big and serious topics with honesty. Definitely an enjoyable blog to browse 🙂

A walk with my camera – this photographer documents his beautiful images on street scenes in his Philippine city. I’m fascinated by his images as they allow a glimpse into a culture so different my own, and there is a real sense of it being a genuine  representation of his town 🙂

Scribblings. – Dom posts a variety of pieces on this blog, from general thoughts and personal events to fashion inspirations and poetry. She has a good mixture of moods and tones, from serious issues to amusing moments, honest perspectives on her experiences and I’m always interested to see what will come up next.

MOMENTUM – my favourite thing about this blog is that there is always something positive to find. I’d love for there to be more regular posts (not that I can speak, Queen of the Inconsistent Bloggers….) because they often set my thoughts pondering or bring a smile. This blog covers books, philosophy, religion and productivity, and so far is proving to be an interesting blog following the writer’s explorations into each category, and I’m eager to see how this blog grows and develops 😀


*Note: I haven’t fulfilled all 15, due to the fact I realised most of the blogs I follow are large company-based blogs, and I feel the purpose of this blog is to spread the award to individual/smaller blogs in order to encourage individuals to keep going, to help them gain followers and to present the award based on the writer(s)’s talents. To award it to a larger blog with many writers and with thousands and thousands of followers feels as if it undermines the others sharing nominations – maybe that’s a silly viewpoint, but it’s my view nonetheless. So despite  only nominating 12 blogs rather than 15, I’m going to publish this anyway 🙂


Irish dance shoes – http://www.irish-danceshoes.com/images/BS-LOOP.jpg
Brazilian beach – http://www.bauerglobalstudies.org/wp-content/uploads/images/Brazil.jpg

Emperor Tamarin

On a visit to Paignton Zoo, I came across these lovely little Emperor Tamarins, and I adore their moustaches. They were incredibly inquisitive and seemed fascinated by my DSLR, following the lens and leaning against the glass to get a better look. I think they could hear the shutter closing because they always reacted to the sound. I have many pictures of them but these are my favourites. The editing is minimal, just a little added sharpness and contrast because shooting through the glass panes tends to dull the pictures.





All images are my own, please do not use without permission and credit.

Summer Daydream


Postcard Perfect

After a stressful few weeks of Uni, the sun decided to come out and play, and so three of us paid a visit to a local beach. We ignored the biting wind and pretended it was summer again, the weather teasing us. My poor camera had been neglected recently, so it was great to get back behind the lens (and a little in front of it, too!). These are a small selection of photo’s from that day.




A New Friend


Pastel Sky


Sunset Over Wembury Beach

Feb 13

All images are my own, please do not reproduce without permission.

Sticky Feet




Taken in 2010 on a family holiday to Spain, of a little grasshopper (maybe a cricket?) resting inside a Hibiscus.

Image is my own.

Facing the Dawn




Written for my Creative Non-Fiction formative assignment:

I knew then, that this was a moment I would never forget. The orb rose further, coating all that can be seen in morganite, amber, amethyst, ruby. The lonely lifeguard tower gazed out over the waves, each ripple carrying jewelled surf that swelled and crashed, splintering each crystal into a thousand pieces. Fixated on the Spanish Sun as it broke over the horizon, I felt at peace. Beside me, my Stepdad watched just as keenly as I, the shared thought between us that this was worth the 5am waking. We were alone in our observation, or so it felt. Perhaps a million people around the globe were witnessing the Sun announce the new day, while others watch yesterday disintegrate, but in that slice of time it was just us. Our only companions that morning had been the heavy machinery which had cruised the beach, erasing the litter from holidaymakers and restoring the sand back to its intended state of soft powder. But even they had ambled away, leaving us unaccompanied as the sky’s gradient rose from deepest black to the delightful tones of pastel crayons.

It is impossible not to feel at peace in such tranquillity. A rare instant where I felt 100% at ease, my thoughts spanned nothing beyond this scene. Few words were spoken between my Stepdad and me, but none were needed. I knew this would always be the golden thread of closeness between us, an experience shared with no-one but each other. I felt privileged that this man, who had elevated my family to new heights and more importantly, brought serenity into my Mum’s life,  would share this with me and show me something to admire. I had suffered, haven’t we all, but he was soothing old wounds by illumination of the great things in this world, far greater than mere humans. So full of knowledge and a calm assurance, I was once more his attentive audience as he wove a patchwork of recollected stories around us, with ski slopes and mountains, grassy meadows and camp fires.

I was in awe. My camera clicked away incessantly as I tried to record the landscape in amazement, in fear that one day my memory may betray me of this moment, the moment I was face to face with the power and wonder of a universe. Behind me lay a country of millions, some raising their heads bleary-eyed to the morning, but in front of me lay only the open sea and then, the universe. The stars that had previously pirouetted now faded away, anticipating their next cue to celebrate the night. Beyond the unbroken line the majestic fire was clawing its way higher, and we were at its mercy. It is absurd of humans to believe we have ultimate control, ultimate supremacy. In reality, we are the smallest insignificant creatures floating on a rock, oblivious to the wonders that grace us every day. It is true that we never fully appreciate something until it is absent from our lives. Sometimes we don’t recognise a diamond when another presents it to us, if only we were to open our eyes. Well, the snapshot in my mind of that new dawn, complete with silver-lined clouds, is perhaps the brightest Crown Jewel of all I that I have.

Images are photographed and edited by myself. Taken Jun/July 2010, published here first Oct 12

Candlelight Hypnosis


I’m always fascinated by the way flames flicker, and the colours and shapes they form. Candles are calming,
and allow me to watch fire with amusement.

My photography, Oct 2012

Upon These Columns, Great Burdens Stand.


Inside Charles Church. Makes me think of Harry Potter or something 🙂

My photography, Sept 2012

Moonlight Memorial


Charles Church, Plymouth.

During World War II, Plymouth was heavily bombed and Charles Church was destroyed in the fires that ensued.
Once peace had settled after the war, Plymouth decided not to rebuild the church, instead allowing it to stand as
a living memorial to the 1,200 civilians who were killed during those air raids.

My photography, Sept 2012

Mr. Ray

Following a visit to Plymouth National Aquarium.

My photography, Sept 2012

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